Who are We

We are a small, family owned wine importer and wholesale distribution company based in Wallingford, CT.   Ann and I and a most dedicated team take our lead from the gifted grapegrowers and artisan winemakers who do the hard work of creating the types of wines we bring to market.   Honest table wines that love food, bright energetic, happy wines, wines that don’t carry a drop of alcohol more than naturally makes the wine balanced,  wines that have value equal to and above their cost, and whose price is not inflated by savvy marketing, wines farmed organically and with little to no “post-production editing”.  And not coincidentally, wines that match the charms of the people that make them and/or import them.  It all ties together.  In an industry overflowing with focus-group tested labels, too cute by half online marketing business plans, hype, and busy lab technicians, this niche gives us a good reason to go to work every day and bring real wine to you.

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